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Enhance your e-Marketing knowledge with online courses developed by college professors. e-Marketing Today tutorials, and courses relate to relevant knowledge that will empower your personal education and lead to success with any online business strategy. Courses are offered in a learning management system used by top colleges and universities around the world. e-Marketing Today courses will now be offered at College Knowledge Institute.

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The digital marketing courses offered by e-Marketing Today are appropriate for anyone interested in pursuing advanced online marketing certificates or degrees from a college or university. Our curriculum was designed and developed by college professors with many years of varied Internet and Communications Technology (ICT) experience. e-Marketing Today courses have a foundation level focus covering ten of the most important online marketing topics today. Learn the same digital marketing subjects taught as part of college and university online marketing degree or certificate programs costing several thousand dollars. Contact Us

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Digital marketing course topics include: Pay Per Click (PPC), Landing Page Optimization, Content Marketing, Display Advertising, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing (SEO/SEM), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Marketing, and Video Marketing. Other important digital marketing topics for tutorials and courses will be included ongoing. Contact Us 

See the topics below to learn about what e-Marketing Today has to offer. Some access may require a membership sign-up. Most courses will require a reasonable fee. Get started with Digital Marketing Online Training Tutorials. Our curriculum is an integration of foundation level courses covering the most empowering e-Marketing topics today. Continue reading to learn more about each course and topic offered by e-Marketing Today.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Gain an understanding of important search engine optimization topics that will empower you to make your website rank higher in top search engines. This e-Marketing Today course will also cover major features and benefits of search engine marketing. SEO Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Content Marketing - Learn how to strategically manage the relevancy your content to attract, engage, and retain more customers for your products and services; creating valuable content can favorably, and significantly, affect and enhance consumer attitudes towards your business. Content Marketing Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.  

Pay Per Click (PPC) - It is important to know how to maximize your ROI for pay-per-click marketing and advertising services. Learn all about pay-per-click and how to generate highly targeted traffic to your products and services websites. Pay Per Click Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Landing Page Optimization - You must capture the attention of your landing page visitors with clear, meaningful, and concise content. E-Marketing Today courses will help you learn how to develop a consistently relevant experience for your prospects that will increase sales. Landing Page Optimization Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Display Advertising - Knowledge and skills necessary to develop optimized and targeted online banners, images, media, creative, and overall digital display advertising campaigns designed to gain more customers and increase revenue through your websites. Learn how to maximize return on investment and efficiently budget online advertising costs. Display Advertising Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Social Media Marketing - Attain knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and application of social media marketing. Learn how to prosper using a combination of several of the top social media programs and tools. Plan, develop, and implement a winning social media marketing strategy. Social Media Marketing Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Video Marketing - Learn new and inventive ways to use video marketing to attract more customers. Utilize video marketing to provide your business prospects with visually-appealing and concise information that will make them buyers and increase your revenue stream. Video Marketing Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

Email Marketing - e-Marketing Today will provide you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding of a primary tool used in digital marketing since the beginning of the Internet, email marketing. Maximize issues of design, creative content, targeting prospects, deliverable campaigns, and increased revenue generation. Email Marketing Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute. Get started today with introductory e-marketing tutorials. Contact Us

Responsive Web Design - Learn how to use responsive web design make your web site display properly on various device screen sizes; understand the code practices, structure, and logical flow of HTML, CSS and other techniques necessary to create responsive designs, layout, images, forms, video, and more.  Responsive Web Design Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute. Get started today with introductory e-marketing tutorials.

Mobile Marketing - Gain mobile marketing knowledge and learn and understand the concepts and technologies; including mobile devices, products and services, QR codes, SMS, apps development, advertising and search, games, video, music, and channel marketing.  Mobile Marketing Tutorials offered at College Knowledge Institute.

e-Marketing Today courses will always be an affordable way to establish a digital marketing foundation.